Trimlight Outdoor Accent Lighting

In the vibrant Gulf Coast region, where outdoor living and boating reign supreme, our accent lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing safety, security, and environmental preservation. Illuminating key areas like boat docks, patios, piers, and palapas is essential for ensuring both functionality and ambiance. Explore our diverse lighting solutions, including down lighting, accent lighting, dock lighting, tiki installations, bridge illumination, pier lights, and beyond, to elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.

palm beach light

Palm Beach Model

South Beach Model

South Beach Model

Sanibel Model

Sanibel Model

Sunset Model

Sunset Model

Dock Lighting

Dock Lighting

Accent Lighting Materials

Fixtures are made using a 3M composite that is guaranteed never to dull, fade or crack. There is also an option for aluminum top and bottom caps in bronze or white.

Color Options: 16 Million Colors

Brightness: Emits 2,000 Lumen at Full Bright White

Inclusions: Remote Control and Wi-Fi App

Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hours

Certification: ETL certified fixture components

Why Choose Our Outdoor Lighting?


Multiple Choices of innovative designs you’ll find nowhere else.


Use on screen enclosures, decks, fences, balconies, docks, tikis, pergolas & much more.

Energy Saving

LED technology in multiple colors


Low voltage systems specifically designed for outdoor use

Customer Controls

Remote controlled, dimmable and automatic operation included.

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on electronic components.

Licensed Certified Installers

Professional installation by licensed certified installers.

Made in the USA

Products are Made in the USA and Assembled in USA ETL certified.

What is Trimlight?

Trimlight accent lighting is an innovative, patented LED lighting system that allows you to have permanent, exterior lighting professionally installed on your home—eliminating the hassle and worry of hanging lights ever again!

The SoHo Trimlight team can trim your home with LED lights, or install the accent lighting on patios, pool houses, sheds, pergolas, gazebos, decks, etc to add charm and appeal around any building exterior or interior space.

Once we are done installing your new exterior lights, you have the ability to choose from an array of colors and spacing for your custom display—all programmed with ease using our simple Trimlight Edge app.

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​Ready to Light up Your Outdoor Space?

We are your Houston, Galveston and Bay Area permanent lighting experts!

SoHo Trimlight – Made for life’s moments!

With a Touch Of a Button – You Control How You Want Your Home Or Business To Look

Hardly Noticeable During The Day

  • Patented channel design blends into trim
  • Multiple colors to match any building
  • Wires are completely hidden from view
  • Lights are secured firmly in place
  • Adds architectural beauty to any roof line

Safe & Secure

  • Professionally installed with experienced crews
  • No more ladders or slippery roofs
  • Bright year round security lighting
  • On-site initial setup support after install
  • Unbeatable warranty coverage


  • Program millions of colors & animations
  • Customize patterns for any event
  • 180 pre-set programs for ease of use
  • Built in calendar & timer functions

Weather Proof

  • Withstands adverse weather conditions
  • Completely water proof diodes
  • Channel blocks wires from harmful UV rays
  • Securely attaches to withstand high winds

Durable & Energy Efficient

  • Highest quality diodes (50,000 hours)
  • Designed to last for decades
  • Quality 2-coat painted aluminum channel
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Low voltage for install & operation

Cloud Based Technology

  • User friendly app, cutting edge technology
  • Connect when you are away from home
  • Alexa and Google Home compatible
  • Trimlight app will play along with your music
downlight install
install ladders

SoHo Trimlight Hassle-free, Permanent Home Lighting

What sets SoHo Trimlight apart from its competitors?

SoHo Trimlight is the leader in the Galveston, Houston Bay Area region for hassle-free LED home lighting, setting ourselves apart from our competitors with a variety of customizable products and unbeatable warranty coverage

How unbeatable?
SoHo Trimlight offers the longest limited-lifetime product warranty, equivalent to a 50,000 hour lifespan. That’s not just peace of mind for now, but for several years down the line; if you were to run your LED lights every night, your system should still be running after 30+ years!